President's Message

    SMPS Michigan Members + Friends,

    I'll keep this message brief, because let's face it, I'm a marketer and I have about a dozen other things to do.

    I became involved with SMPS Michigan six years ago with little clue as to what this organization would provide for me. I never envisioned myself to be a President of anything. If you truly want to test yourself, this is the organization for you. Maybe your job isn't providing you enough challenges or opportunities, but SMPS is always here to help you fit in the right role, find a new opportunity, and expand on your strengths.

    I always remark what a fun, down-to-earth group SMPS Michigan is. I think the reason is we check our egoes at the door and think of the greater good for the membership.

    Thank you to my amazing board because they do all the work and make me look awesome! I hope that you can join this group and be a part of the fun...

    All the best,


    Jennifer Huebel

    Marketing Manager

    Neumann/Smith Architecture