Chapter Bylaws

    Important! Vote on Proposed Changes to Chapter Bylaws on June 7, 2018

    SMPS-Michigan members will be voting on changes to the Chapter's bylaws at the Members Only Celebration/Annual Meeting on June 7th. The proposed revisions have been approved by the Chapter Board and by SMPS National. Now, it's your turn! We need your help with this important vote! Each member in good standing who attends the event will be given a ballot to cast their vote.

    About Bylaws

    SMPS Michigan is guided by a robust set of bylaws, which can only be changed by a majority of members present and entitled to vote at a meeting of members. The bylaws guide the activities and decisions of the chapter leadership and help provide a structure so that SMPS Michigan can best benefit its members. The current Chapter Bylaws were approved in 2004. Fourteen years later, we are making updates so that our bylaws align more closely with our existing operations and with SMPS National's Model Chapter Bylaws. The changes also allow us to take advantage of some technological advances since 2004 (#YayEmail). 

    Get Informed!

    To assist members in making an informed choice, below are the current bylaws and the "marked-up" set, showing the proposed changes.

    Current SMPS-Michigan Bylaws (rev. 2004)

    Bylaws Marked-up with Proposed Changes