President's Message

    Inspire. Ignite. Empower.
    IzzardWelcome to the beginning of a new SMPS program year. Even though September 1st is our “official” start, our Board and Committees have been hard at work all summer planning excellent programs and events for the year ahead. When the Board and Committee leaders came together in June for our annual Strategic Planning session, I asked the group to come up with a word or phrase to describe what SMPS-Michigan means to them. A single word that would describe what we're about and that would guide our efforts for the upcoming program year. There were several great suggestions, such as: disruption, fun, networking, friendship, learning--but none of these single words could capture what SMPS-Michigan is about. After much discussion, we finally agreed on three words:

    Inspire. Ignite. Empower.

    In my experience at SMPS-Michigan, these three words are particularly apt.

    When I joined SMPS-Michigan a few years ago, it had been a long time since my job had inspired me. I work for a great company that treats me well, but my own job felt routine. Recognizing this, my manager suggested I join SMPS. While I enjoyed the events and great networking, it was when I volunteered that my journey really began. I casually mentioned to the then-President that I could help out with the website, and I was welcomed with open arms. I soon found myself in an environment where I was treated as an expert. My new peers at SMPS encouraged me and recognized qualities in me that I didn’t realize I had. For the first time in a long time, I was inspired. I took this inspiration back to my workplace and started recognizing opportunities where I could make a difference. It didn’t take long before my manager took notice and a career that was stagnant became ignited. Now, I feel more confident in my skills and in my abilities to be a true resource for my colleagues--both at work and at SMPS. The things I’ve learned and experienced through SMPS have truly empowered me to get out of the ditch and shape my own career path.

    Whether you’re a member, a volunteer, or just like to attend our events, know that we are here to Inspire, Ignite and Empower you in your marketing career. It’s going to be a fantastic year of programs and events, so stay tuned to for our calendar and updates. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me or any of our Board members. We are happy to assist!