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Caitlin Barry

Del Belcher   
Commonwealth Associates

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Fieldstone A&E, LLC

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Heritage and Company Inc.

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Hobbs and Black Architects

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Barton Malow

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LaSalle Construction Services

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Autumn Lone  

Michael Schutz 
Metro consulting Associates

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Integrated Design Solutions

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GMB Architecture + Engineering

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Fleis & VandenBrink

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Erhardt Construction

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Great Lakes GPR

Leann Stachowiak 
Bouma Corporation

Amy Austria 
G2 Consulting Group

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Albert Kahn

Jodi Trisdale
A.R Brouwer Company



The Society for Marketing Professional Services is the only national association that brings together business developers, marketers, owners, clients, and principals in the A|E|C industry. By becoming a member of our Michigan chapter, you are not only joining a dynamic network of over 100 local contacts in the industry, you are gaining access to a powerful national network of more than 6,000 marketing and business development professionals from the architectural, engineering, planning, interior design, construction, and specialty consulting firms located throughout North America.

10 Reasons to Join SMPS Michigan Membership Benefits

  1. Networking SMPS Michigan offers tremendous networking opportunities for making local, regional, and national A/E/C business contacts. One of our members’ #1 praises is that we help make connections that fuel business growth

  2. Programs and Conferences SMPS chapters across the country, including the Michigan Chapter, offer conferences and programs to explore how other A/E/C firms are tackling the business challenges you and your colleagues face every day.

  3. Leadership Opportunities SMPS Michigan offers opportunities to develop and practice your leadership skills. One great way to do this is by volunteering to serve on one of our chapter committees, on the board of directors, regional conference planning committees, and/or national task forces and committees.

  4. Career and Recruitment Resources Gain access to advancement tools through the SMPS Career Center.

  5. Publications Through our national office, SMPS Michigan offers numerous publications about industry trends, best practices, and relevant issues impacting professional services marketing and business development. With membership, you receive a free copy of The Marketer.

  6. MySMPS.org Our award-winning online resource center, MySMPS, is designed to connect our members with other members, as well as information, and opportunities 24/7/365.

  7. Certified Professional Services Marketer Program (CPSM) CPSM Certification, offered exclusively by SMPS, can help you build your personal brand as an expert in marketing and business development, increasing your credibility with employers, coworkers, and peers. The Michigan Chapter website now offers a local Job Bank to all members. Promote your firm’s marketing and business developer positions by posting to the Job Bank section of our website.

  8. National and Regional Contacts Contacts made through the powerful SMPS network to facilitate teaming opportunities, business referrals, and knowledge of A/E/C business practices, trends, and successes. Members also have free access to SMPS’s national membership directory.

  9. Professional Development Opportunities Increase access for opportunities to present programs, write articles and white papers, and conduct funded research.

  10. A Community for Emerging Leaders SMPS offers the emerging leaders in your firm access to the greater A/E/C community by introducing them to community leaders and other industry professionals. The connections made through SMPS lead directly to business opportunities with clients and teaming partners.

How to Join SMPS 

SMPS invites you to join the growing number of individuals who recognize that marketing in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry is a dynamic and distinct profession.

To join SMPS, simply click here ato be directed to the SMPS National website where you can submit and application. Join today, and let SMPS take you a step closer to sucess! 

For more information, contact our Membership Chair.